There has been a surge in trade mark applications for or containing the word COVID or COVID-19 in the UK in the past two weeks. 

Most of the applications are still in the examination stage and it remains to be seen if any of them will be accepted. 

Some of the marks are predictable, such as class 3 for handwash, but more interesting/concerning applications include marks covering class 28 for board games and class 43 for catering and food preparation services. 

Whilst we can understand that some businesses would want to jump on the bandwagon and seek to protect a mark which incorporates a word which has come from nowhere and already made an indelible mark on world history, I'm not sure whether the applicants have fully considered the implications of naming board games and food services after this pandemic. 

Regardless of whether or not these marks are accepted, we can’t imagine many people will be in a hurry to order food from Covid-19 any time soon.